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Second_Eden_Cover_VSM1What was really found  at the supposed UFO crash site in Roswell, NM, in July 1947? It wasn’t at all what you think. Read SECOND EDEN.

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March 18, 2000,  somewhere in the skies near Tel Aviv, Israeli fighter pilot David Levi, on routine patrol in his F-15 Eagle, was startled to see an "oblong and metallic" space craft appear ahead of him. 

"It looked like an oldfashioned zeppelin," recalled Levi. He pushed the throttles to burners and initiated pursuit.

"When I approached the object and asked the pilot to identify himself, the object suddenly ascended at supersonic speed and vanished off aircraft radar."

While government officials are taking the UFO report very seriously, they are investigating whether the UFO may have been some new and highly advanced military aircraft being tested by one of their Arab neighbors. 

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                   ALIENS LIVE IN ROSWELL?

New reports of alien creatures have emerged from near Roswell, New Mexico, renewing interest in what is perhaps the  most enduring UFO mystery of all time.

Latin American UFO researchers reported that a family of Guatemalan tourists saw two small humanoid creatures--with distinctly alien characteristics--traveling in the back seat of a military Jeep that sped by them when they realized theyīd been spotted.

About the size of nine- or ten-year-old children, the beings had large oblong heads and prominent eyes, the frightened eye witnesses disclosed after returning home.

A man in military uniform accompanied the two “aliens” and appeared to be carrying two small space suits equipped with some sort of breathing apparatus similar to scuba gear.

"When the soldier realized the tourists were watching, he shone a bright spotlight on them and they drove away as fast as they could," says Ricardo Belinguer, of the Guatemalan Extraterres trial Life Federation.

"They claim they were followed for more than 20 miles before eluding their pursuers.

"When they got home, they contacted us immediately and provided us with a very detailed description of what they saw."

As every UFO student knows, an alien spacecraft was supposed to have crashed near Roswell Army Field in 1947. Many believe the government has perpetrated an elaborate coverup ever since.  This latest sighting rekindles those suspicions.

"This is convincing new evidence that the earlier reports were true and that the aliens who survived the crash are still alive or there have been subsequent visits by search parties," says Belinguer.

"The fact the army personnel chased these tourists indicates that the American government is still trying to cover up the events of 1947."

"But there also is new information.  The presence of the tanks tells me that the aliens can't long survive breathing the Earth's atmosphere and must be accompanied by supplies of lifesustaining gasses native to their own planet," Belinguer said.

“We have made our findings known to the American Embassy, but we have received no reply."

UFO Sightings Reported in China (January 30, `00)

In Pusalu, a poor farming village about 30 miles from Beijing, where villagers struggle to grow corn and beans in this arid mountainous region, many believe they saw something otherworldly on Dec. 11.

As they tell it, an object of human dimension glowing with a with golden light moved slowly up into the sky from the surrounding hills and then suddenly shot  heavenward. Some are calling it a UFO.

And they have plenty of company. Over the last monh reports have come from at least 12 different Chinese cities.  What's more, UFO researchers in Beijing are investigating claims of an alien abduction.

Even thought the Communist Party runs a very restrictive regime, China  boasts a government approved UFO Research Association (membership 50,000).  Also, China has a 400,000-circulation bimonthly magazine devoted to UFO research. The conservative state-run media report UFO sightings. UFO buffs here say many respected scientists and even some in the military are their allies, giving their research credibility.

The Chinese have been avid astronomers for thousands of years, having recorded some of  the most spectacular celestial events known, like supernova and comets. They have always given these events supernatural or religious significance. And, though China has used  the West's Gregorian calendar for nearly a thousand years now, the traditional lunar calendar calls for the Year of the Dragon, signifying cataclysmic changes in the offing. Naturally, many think the increase in UFO sightings is related.

``It was so beautiful, sort of yellow,'' villager Wang Cunqiao said in an AP report. ``It was like someone flying up to heaven.''

``Some say it was caused by an earthquake. Some say it was a UFO. Some say it was a ray of Buddha. I'm telling everyone to call it an auspicious sign,'' said Chen Jianwen, village secretary for the officially atheistic Communist Party.

Officially, the events in Pusalu, Beijing, Shanghai and 10 other Chinese cities in December are UFOs. The implication is that the objects were airplanes mistaken for extraterrestrial visitors. But UFO researchers reject the idea that the sightings could have been airplane contrails or the like.

One executive of a shipping company who helps manage the China UFO Research Resource Center said that if the Chinese Air Force didn't give chase--and apparently they didn't, at least in this latest incident--then it was in all likelihood the testing of a new aircraft by the military. But died-in-the-wool UFO students say that is just the kind of excuse you'd expect from the authorities.

Based in a dinky Beijing apartment complex, the Resource Center is China's version of Project Bluebook, the U. S. Air Force's effort to collect and investigate claims of UFO sightings. In all, the Resource Center has 140 boxes of newspaper clippings and eyewitness accounts of sightings, including one that reports the military scrambled fighters in 1998 in a vain attempt to intercept a UFO.

Over the last year the center has had 500 reported UFO sightings. Most, however, will be dismissed on cursory examination, leaving perhaps 150-200 that will require more extensive research. One of the most bizarre recent claims under investigation is that of a worker from Beijing. This man asserts that aliens abducted him right in front of his wife and child, took him on a brief ride over 150 mikes away and returned him, all in the space of a few hours.) Back to Top.


Millstadt, Missouri,  police officer Craig Stevens has slept little in the last few days. How could he, with the endless phone calls--and the endless questions--from science institutes, UFO experts, the media, and at least one former FBI man who had "a hundred questions." Not to mention all the little-green-men jokes his fellow officers have bombarded him with ever since his "sighting."

"It's amusingto a point," he told St. Louis PostDispatch reporter Valerie Schremp. "It's not like I'm the only one who saw it, and I'm Joe Blow from the local bar who just stepped out drunk, y'know?"

At least three other officers from the Lebanon, Shiloh and Dupo police departments also said they saw something in the sky early Wednesday (January 5, 2000). Like Stevens, who is from Highland, Missouri, they all described the object as a "UFO."

And all their descriptions sounded the same: arrowhead shaped, with dimmer lights studding its surface. Three brighter lights illuminated its tail, as the craft, if such it was, made its way northeasttosouthwest across the Metro East area about 4 a.m.

The owner of a miniature golf course was the first to report the UFO with a call to the Highland police. But since he was driving to Lebanon,  Highland police contacted Lebanon authorities.

At first, the officers there laughed at the dispatcher, thinking it was all just a hoax. But  then the dispatcher himself spotted the object heading toward Shiloh, where an officer there spotted it, too.

Officer Stevens, who was sitting in his patrol car in Millstadt listening to the radio, heard the talk about a UFO and decided to investigate. He drove to the north end of town, where he scanned the sky but saw only airplane lights. Until he looked west.

 "Wow!" he thought, jumping out of his car. "This thing's huge!"

Stevens said it moved slowly "like a blimp," about 1,000 feet (300 meters) off the ground. He estimates the craft was about two stories high ( perhaps 20 feet ) and about three times as long.  Though it had three large lights in the what he took to be the tail, dimmer lights sprinkled the entire surface, in what he described as a "starfield camouflage."

As the object headed toward Dupo,  Stevens grabbed his Polaroid and snapped a quick picture before radioing dispatch. He was surprised to hear that the officers in Dupo had seen the same thing. 

Unfortunately--as is the case with far too many of these "sightings"--the photo came out a bit fuzzy, and the image only shows the three bright lights. However, Stevens, after making an unofficial police report, sketched a likeness of what he saw.

"It's been driving me nuts since I've seen it," he said, "I haven't been able to sleep for the last day and a half."

earby Scott Air Force Base, whose control tower is closed at that hour, claims to have heard about the incident only after being contacted by local media, according to a base spokesman on Saturday (January 8, 2000). Back to Top.


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