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The Report below was received January 3, 2005.  Though we asked to see the reported pictures and asked for additional information concerning this report, we have yet to hear a reply. This is a particularly interesting report, both because it involves aviation personnel, who are usually among the most reliable observers, and because the report mentions pictures. We’ll keep you informed of any news.--Ed.

Antalya, Turkey, January 3, 2005...


I am from Turkey.

I read some articles about UFOs in your website. Quite interesting.

I just want to tell what we have experienced here in Antalya about this subject.

Well I am an airline pilot. I have 7500 flight hours.

Last year in one of my very early flight (about 4.30 am) just after take off, one of my pilot friend which he took off 5 minutes before me, reported a UFO. He even took its picture. Very clearly. The picture was taken very close because they even had to make a maneuver to avoid it. Five minutes after him, I was in the same point that he saw that thing. It was just hanging there with very little others.

The captain that has the picture was questioned later. Now he doesn't say anything about it. He was on the news, which [turned out to be] not so good for him.

What I saw was something that people can not forget that easy. They were many. When I say many, I mean it. But I am a pilot, so I always believe mathematical certainties. I always think there must be an explanation.

Well....it is more easy to say I don't believe it [happened] than to admit it.

We have the pictures, still looking at them and thinking. What was in them?


Melisa Hottin”

Send your UFO experience to ufo@aerosphere.com

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Reader Sean Cannon reported the following story to Aerosphere. While the incident happened in 1978, the details of the sighting bear a striking resemblance to many later UFO reports. Tell us what you think: editor@aerosphere.com

“I remember this sighting so well because it was the very first memory of my life!” Sean Cannon begins. “I could not have been more than 3 or 4. My mother, older brother Kevin and myself we're out on are front porch in Fairfield (Ohio) and we looked up to the top of the street and saw a GIGANTIC UFO.

“It didn't look like the traditional saucer shaped craft. It was at least 150 yards around in a perfect circle. It had three evenly spaced bars going into the center of the ship were they connected to another circle shaped center of the ship. The bars were spaced 50 yards apart and there was nothing built in between the bars.

“The ship rotated around at about the speed of a second hand on a watch, maybe a bit faster. Then after 2 minutes or so, the ship vanished in the blink of an eye.

“My mother called the Fairfield police and reported the sighting, but nobody [else] saw anything, or at least that is what we were told.

“We are more than willing to take a lie detector test! ...[W]e did not get a picture [because] I was too young [and]... my mother and brother never thought to run inside to get [a camera].”

“The only other persons we reported [the] sighting to, officially speaking, was the Fairfield Police Department in Ohio” ( just north of Cincinati. )



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