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Welcome to AEROSPHERE and a new online-magazine experience...

At Aerosphere, we search the globe for the articles and images that best capture the essence of our courageous journeys into the realm of flight, whether around the corner, around the world or beyond the planets. We bring to those whose passion is flight a chronicle of inspiration, adventure and discovery. When we dream, we let our spirits soar. Come to Aerosphere...  Where Dreams Take Flight™

Some Background

Established in 1987, Aerosphere is a diversified company headquartered near Annapolis, Maryland. Started as an aviation art publishing business, Aerosphere soon expanded into other aviation services, including aircraft sales, training and affiliated services.

In 1992 we initiated our Consulting Services Division, providing a broad range of consulting services, first to the telecommunications industry and later to various Internet Services Providers. Now, sales and marketing consulting services for Internet, Telecommunications and Aircraft Services companies is one of the fastest growing parts of our company.

Located on the Web at aerosphere.com, AEROSPHERE Air & Space Magazine is, in our humbly biased opinion, one of the best aviation and space magazines on the Web, providing original articles and news for the aerospace enthusiast.

But our stories are not just about the machines: Our editorial staff strives to illuminate the emotions and idiosyncrasies that propel the people behind the machines, whether engineers and designers or the people who service and operate them. 

AEROSPHERE Air & Space Magazine is filled with aviation and space adventures, from UFO research to astronomy; from the search for extraterrestrial life to the science behind accident investigations. But we don’t stop there. Visit our Art and Photo Gallery. Or our Entertainment area, where you’ll find humor, trivia and brain teasers.

Choose us as your aviation headquarters, your departure point into the adventure of flight. Our goal is to make your every visit pleasant, entertaining, educational and profitable.  In the near future, look for many new products and services to make your life easier and more enjoyable--and your flying safer and more exciting. Come see us. We'll leave a light on!


Aerosphere provides the following instructional services, with an emphasis on safety, to rated pilots: Basic Aerobatics.  Competition Preparation. Emergency Maneuver Training. Tail-wheel Sign-Offs.  CFI Spin Sign-Offs. Flight Reviews. Custom Programs.


Aerosphere can accommodate short or long-term projects, on a by-the-hour or by-project basis. Consulting services for Marketing and Sales; Aviation Services and Training; Advertising and Promotion; Human Factors Engineering, in conjunction with the Oxford Research Institute;  Internet  Development and E-commerce, in conjunction with Quicknetimage; Telecommunications, from CPE to Call Centers. For more information email info@aerosphere.com



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It’s true...

 The Universe started with the Big Bang.


And the Big Bang came from a singularity.

But just what, exactly, is a singularity?

The surprising answer is mind-blowingly simple.

And enormously transformative.

It could be the ultimate proof of a Divine Creator.


The Bigger Bang


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